A perfect wedge..

For months now i’ve been searching for the perfect wedge ankle boots.
It all started last year when I (and the whole fashion blogosphere!) fell in love with these Cos wedge boots

Then of course, there were the Acne Atacoma Black Metal Wedge.
It seemed as though the whole wedge-world was out to get me. I couldn’t stop thinking about them and decided NO outfit would be complete without them. However, my ever expanding credit limit, together with other whimsical buys and last minute holidays, meant that I could never quite afford either of the above. 

That was until today.
Today I went into town for a few accesories and to see whatever else tickled my fancy. Looking around New Look I stumbled across my (almost) dream wedge. My accesible wedge, we’ll say. They’re the perfect height, leather AND suede and the little buckle gives it just the right amount of girly-tough that I look for in a shoe.
At £59.99 (translated to €79.99 on Irish shores….hmm…) I think i’ll be buying these ones online. HURRY UP PAYDAY!!

BEHOLD: (edit: apologies, having some image problems, please follow the link below)
dream wedge ❤


One thought on “A perfect wedge..

  1. Rai says:

    Hey, just getting back to you about the comment on my blog shop just in case you didn't get my reply; the dress is still available and payment is through paypal. Email me at the-raivoloution@hotmail.co.uk and we can sort it all out! x

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