Make and Do

Yesterday evening I went to a shop launch with my friend, and fellow blogger, Anna. It was a design shop launching a new silicone plastic called Sugru that can be used to ‘hack’ or fix items that are broken. At first I just presumed it could only be used on solid items – broken tools, cups, instruments..even glass, but one of the guys doing the demos (and recording the documentary, eek!) also said it can be used on materials. E.g. to mend a hole in a shoe, a ripped bag or lining of a coat.
The beauty of the product is not only that it is sustainable  and economic, but totally mouldable to whatever your needs (mouldable is a word…right??).
See Anna’s post and accompanying photos to see just how great Sugru is. As an aside, it was designed by one of our own,  Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh, and it’s always nice to support Irish products where possible.


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