Christina Hendricks to model for Vivienne Westwood

Talk about a match made in red-headed heaven! I love both of these ladies, Christina is a relative newcomer to our eyes and has managed to make a huge name for herself for championing those 50’s-style dresses in Mad Men with her ample curves. She’s ALL woman.
Vivienne knows how to dress a woman, hitting her curves in all the right places and creating an silhouette we thought was only possible with the help of a pair of Bridget Jones-style big knickers (actually, does anyone else feel really sorry themselves when they see the knickers referred to as ‘big knickers’ in Bridget Jones? Mine go right up under my bust…aaaaaaaaanyway…move along..)
My point is that these 2 seem like a the perfect match – I really can’t wait to see what offerings they give.
Here’s a few photos for us to ponder over in the meantime.

Image via

Image via

IMage via

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One thought on “Christina Hendricks to model for Vivienne Westwood

  1. Hannah says:

    She really does make incredible dresses, I love the red one! Ellie Golding wore a gorgeous one to the Brits last night I thinkBow Dream Nation xx

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