A|Wear – free postage & picks

A|Wear is one of my favourite high street shops, not only because it’s Irish and therefore the prices are always favourable (none of this shoddy exchange from £ to € with a bit added on top), but because recently it’s been catching up to some of the other wellknown high street shops in his fashion forwardness and quality.
I always had a love/hate relationship with A|Wear – often loving the price and some of the pieces, often hating the quality. However, I can honestly say that in the last  2 years or so it’s been my go-to shop when I need an outfit in a hurry. I can pretty much always guarantee i’ll find something that will look good, is stylish and, perhaps most importantly, will fit. A big plus for me is that the sizes are REAL, you can often feel better coming out of the changing room knowing you need to get a size down instead of a size up.
ANYWAY, this weekend they’re doing FREE POSTAGE on any online orders. I’ve picked out a few (a lot?) of my favourites here and some items i”ll be ordering myself.

Alanna Pintuck Drape Dress €35
Drape Front Dress €45
Navy Luxe Utility Shirt Dress €45
Pleated Detail Skorts €25
Print Midi Elastic Waist Skirt €35
Poly Printed Back Racer €28
Grey Horse Print Shirt €36
Ivy Scoop Neck Ruffle Coral Blouse €28 (also gorgeous in Copper)
Coral Margo Floaty Cape Blouse €30
Taupe Peg Leg with Tan Belt €35
Coral Mini Structure Satchel €22 (BARGAIN)
Straw Mix Cross Body Bag €18
Phew! There’s loads there….and I didn’t get even stuck into the sale section yet. I’m off to do just that, now! 

4 thoughts on “A|Wear – free postage & picks

  1. I'm a huge AWear fan, the beauty of it is that every English girl you see is wearing Topshop but not everyone wears AWear… 😉 (well, yet anyway!)I'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for me in Westfield London's SS11 style competition! Just follow this link then click like!

  2. Maud says:

    I love the coral satchel, great selection of pics Kit Kat! I want to buy it soon, in need of a new summer bag.I'm at a total writers block, no post for the last 5 days, very bad Maud. Hopefully things will pick up with some more free time.Lovely post! x

  3. Hannah says:

    I've never shopped at A/Wear but I keep meaning to check it out because ever ones raves about it. Great items you've picked out =)Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. Becky – Done! Good luck with the competition 🙂 Maud – quality, not quantity my dear. You'll get over your hump soon, if not let's just take a trip to IKEA! xHannah – deffo check it out. From what I can see, the exchange works out well for you in the UK. The quality is great and the pieces are bang on trend, whilst still having longevity – some of my favourite items now are from a year or 2 ago.

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