Newsround #4

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks. 2 bank holidays in a row and a few weekends away = me not posting in a while. But worry not (as if you were!) as I should hopefully be back to blogging business….just as soon as the burst pipe is fixed in my hallway, ahem. 

Obviously the biggest news item of the last week is THE wedding and THE dress. I won’t post another picture, we’ve all seen it a million times and will continue to do so for some time, but I will say that I loved it. I love, love, loved it. And I am so happy that it WAS McQueen, i’m sure Sarah Burton feels proud & so she should. We all want to be princesses now, huh?

Speaking of McQueen, last night saw the Met Gala Ball, this year dedicated, or in memory of, Alexander McQueen. There were some beauties on the red carpet and there were some absolute doozers. Sure I may aswell post a few of my faves, what’s another divided opinion between friends?! 
Special mentions go to:

Stella McCartney in her own design – loving the structure of this dress.

SJP in McQueen (not sure about the shoes, from what I can see anyway) and Madonna dressing more age appropriately than usual, who knew?! 
My favourite has to be Daphne Guinness. Not only am I intrigued by her friendship with the late Isabella Blow & Lee McQueen himself, but i’d love a day in her wardrobe to have a nose through her amazing collection of couture. And not many people can carry off a pint o’guinness hairstyle for as many years, or with as much aplomb, as she does. Rather than post a picture of her, why don’t you watch this video of her getting ready in Barney’s window before the event. 
Cate Blanchett for Harper’s Bizarre Australia May 2011 – she’s looking a bit Tilda Swinton in the first picture ….anyone??
And finally, I just want to mention, homegrown (Irish) talent Rebecca Fleetwood landing the McQueen lookbook. Aged just 23 she has been the face of a campaign for Levis and shot for Glamour, Cult and Volt. I think she’s on the up and up. 
Hmmm, it’s been a bit of a McQueen Newsround hasn’t it? I guess it’s been a bit of a McQueen week. I’m not complaining. 

One thought on “Newsround #4

  1. Wow Rebecca Fleetwood is gorgeous! Fingers crossed big things happen for her ^_^♥

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