Newsround #5

Aw man, i’m so busy with life  and my blog-inspiration folder is SUCH a mess that I can’t find half the stuff I wanted to include in here. There’s been a lot of beautiful magazine shoots that have caught my eye in the last few weeks and little titbits of random news.
Here we go for another mash-up.

Rachel McAdams for Elle June 2011

Hannah MacGibbon and Chloé part ways – we can thank Hannah, in part, for bringing us camel, snakeskin and sheer from 2010 and 2011. Wedge booties? She did them at Chloe, how man high street versions are there now? A lot. Excited to see what she does next, but sad she’s left. Here’s a few of my favourite Fall 2011 looks. 
Studded collars by Eleven Objectsas seen here (naturally) and here. WANT. Or perhaps i’ll try my own DIY version. 
Lindsay Lohan for Blank magazine
Proenza Schouler to design costume jewllery – hurrah! I may be able to afford some! Hurrah! 
I’m sure there’s much more to trawl through. Please also check out my tumblr for photos of things that catch my eye on a daily basis, if such things might please you. 

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