Get the Look #2

Bit of an unintentional Gossip Girl double whammy here. I can’t decide whose style I like more, both very edgy, but both very different styles. Maybe it comes down to hair colour, and i’m a brunette so…naaah, that doesn’t make sense at all!
Who is your favourite? Blake or Leighton, or both?

Leighton Meester at the Empire State Building

Blake Lively at Chanel Resort 2011
Clever accessories can give you a similar look for a fraction of the price. Use brooch’s if you’re unable to find a similarly embellished item.


2 thoughts on “Get the Look #2

  1. I adore them both! I love that Leighton is edgier and a bit more experimental, but I love Blake for that fact that she is *shock horror* an 'enormous' (in celebrity-land) size 10! Although I don't like Blake's new red hair!♥

  2. Is she a size 10?!! I'm shocked. I would have thought she was much skinnier! That's encouraging. Ok, I think Blake is ahead now, ha

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