Festival Fashion – rain or shine!

Festival Fashion - rain or shine

Festival Fashion – rain or shine by KitCatKittyCat featuring red jewelry

I’m heading to Forbidden Fruit festival this weekend, right in the heart of Dublin city. I had planned for typical Irish weather, you know, cloudy with a bitta rain, but as of today and according to weather reports, it’s due to hit 33 degrees! Time to rethink that rainy day outfit….maybe! 


5 thoughts on “Festival Fashion – rain or shine!

  1. FloraH says:

    love love love the rainy day outfit so much! have a great time :)Flora xhttp://notanotherrainysunday.blogspot.com/

  2. Sada says:

    Great inspirational outfits!! Festivals are always best when it's HOT! Have a fab time!xoSadahttp://dressologyhq.blogspot.com

  3. I love the sunny day outfit, it's just my style! I love all the brown colors, especially the shoes – which I unfortunately can't wear because of my tattoo at my left foot, it would look kind of messy.Please go look my blog and maybe you'd like to follow each other?www.sofiescloset.blogspot.com

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