Searching for a pair of Toms to pair with summer dresses, cropped trousers, skinny jeans and shorts. Perfect for wandering around in the heat and keeping comfortable and cool.
If only the sizing wasn’t such an issue, my usual EUR39 was too small, but the EUR40 is too big. Oh dear, oh dear.
The shortlist:

6 thoughts on “aTOMic

  1. Oh, I love TOMS. I have the gold shimmery pair and I absolutely live in them. I'm not quite sure how sizing works but I think you want them to be a little snug. I noticed my TOMS stretched since I bought them a year ago. -MadeleinePS. I love the last pair with the black and gold swirls kind of looks like fingerprints 🙂

  2. Oooh good info there about them stretching, Madeleine! Maybe they're just not for me then? The size 39 just would not go on, i'm never usually an inbetween size. The size 40 was much bigger. I don't want to buy them and then they stretch too much. If only they did half sizes! 39.5 please! Maybe i'll try the 39 again tomorrow, just to be sure!

  3. Eloise says:

    I want the reddy/pinky ones but my boyfriend also wants a pair…hmm dilemaxx

  4. Meagan says:

    I've never had a pair of Toms but they're so cute! I like them all.-Meagan

  5. Clara says:

    I second Madeline — toms stretch a lot! When I first bought mine (gold sparkly ones with which I am completely in love, by the way), they took quite a bit of wiggling to get on. Now, they're perfectly comfortable, and it's only been a month or so. I'd go for the 39s :)xx Clara

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