Friday Favourites

Sssh, let’s pretend it’s Friday. I had this ready to go last night but forgot to publish it, oops.

Here’s what I’ve loved this week.

Raquel Zimmerman by Steven Klein for Vogue US via Fashion Copious
United Nude open London Flagship Store via Alex Loves
These Topshop studded slippers as spotted by The Q Project
The Selfridges Advent Calendar via Disneyrollergirl
This outfit post entitled ‘Night Robot’ by FrouFrouu
Frozen chocolate peanut butter terrine via Sprinklebakes (YUM!)

The gorgeous use of colour in this outfit by Little Black Book
This style spot of a Cork designer whose cape (as she is wearing) has been worn by Florence Welsh onstage – she was spotted at the cinema wearing this on her way to see Harry Potter by Fashion Philosophy
Emma Stone looking foxy via Because I’m Addicted
News of the Benefit Flash Sale via London Beauty Queen
Sian’s awesome ombre’d nails via her blog at Avant Style
And finally, but by no means least, this food-for-thought blog post over on the brilliant Male-Mode.

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