New online discovery: Romwe

You might remember that I recently featured Fashion Chalet as one of my Monday Muse‘s. I noticed that a lot of her awesome clothing & accessories were from Romwe and decided to check them out for myself.
To say I was excited when I checked out the site is an understatement. Really, REALLY, reasonably priced clothes, shoes and accessories with an option for FREE delivery and 20% off your first order.
Now, the sizing is slightly questionable, so i’m gonna do a small order first and see how they run before going mad and ordering everything – currently I have €735 in my shopping basket, ahem.

Here’s the lovely  Fashion Chalet in a recent outfit post featuring a dress.

If any of you have bought from Romwe do let me know your thoughts below. Otherwise, here’s a pick of a few of my favourite pieces available. I’m just waiting for a new payday before I splurge too much!
I literally could be here all afternoon just posting pictures of things that I love on here. The jewellery also looks great, with prices to match too. One of things I love is that prices are available in sterling, euro and dollar and you can see you’re not being ripped off with conversion fees, a personal pet peeve.
Happy shopping – let me know what you think!


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