BOOM! Back in the game..

A diary post of sorts.
I have been absent of late, for that I will apologise, AGAIN.
In between being really busy at work, breaking up with my boyfriend (let’s gloss over that one) and moving house, well, it’s just been a little bit hectic.
 And so, with a rare mid-week day off I am attempting to catch up on my 4000+ google reader blog posts and will present you with a small photo diary of what’s been happening around these parts recently.
Don’t worry, this won’t become a regular feature, I’d hate to bore you all too much.

Please, let me know what YOU’VE been up to and maybe hit me up with some fresh blogs to read. What are your faves right now?

Making a Zara top (that wasn’t v flattering) into a jacket. Oooh, GOLD!
Drinking Kriek cherry beer & reminiscing about good times in Belgium
Discovering the delights of our new corner shop
Baking with my momma
Drinking my Uncle’s wine from his vineyard in Sth Africa
Being ruthless with my shoe collection before the big move
Obsessing over studded shoes from
Trying my hand (geddit?!) at some nail art
Attempting to find some positive influences in my life…but this one just left me feeling a bit cold
Baked eggs with chorizo and cheese
Billionaire Boys Club SWAG (present from some awesome friends)
Deciding between hi-tops and leopard print on a night out. Tacky Vs Tacky. 
Accompanying my housemate on some press trips for her job, which included being wined & dined in The Tannery in Dungarvan, Co Waterford (NOM!)
Entertaining ourselves on the way to Dungarvan….ahem…
Now, your turn. GO. 

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