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d_luxe jewellery – New Zealand’s finest

I love finding great jewellery lines and recently came across a jewellery give away on one of my favourite street style blogs, Street and City Photos, from New Zealand. The giveaway was for a NZ jewellery line, d_luxe, and I was so blown away by their collection that, after entering the competition, I checked out their website and made a HUGE mental wishlist of items.
There are 3 collections, with the newest, Costumes and Crystal Armour, being inspired by Bat for Lashes singer, Natasha Khan.

From d_luxe:
‘‘Bat for Lashes’ singer Natasha Khan was d_luxe’s creative muse, from her theatrical costumes and
headdress on stage, through to her song titles and lyrics which aptly name most jewels in the range.
(Including the: “Perfect Armour, Sleeping Sunshine and Blinding Battle” rings).
“Pearl”, who is Kahn’s New York based alter ego, also inspired pieces namely the “Liberty Spiked Ring” and
“Pearl’s Dream” bracelet.’

The brand itself has an interesting history, with the designers having first met in architectural college and making a move into jewellery design. You can definitely see the architectural influence in some of the pieces with delicate detailing and strong, clean lines on a lot of the pieces. Ranging from rings, to bracelets and necklaces, there’s something for everyone. Jewels, stones, silver and gold – you’d be hard pushed to find something that didn’t appeal.

I’ve picked a few of my favourite below – if I could, i’d have them all!

The new collection also features these beautiful illustrations of the designs. 
‘Collaborating with Illustrator Kelly Thompson, d_luxe’s sources of inspiration all culminate in four incredible
campaign illustrations where Thompson draws the jewellery pieces at a new scale and adorns the models
with the ‘Bat For Lashes’ like headdress costumes.’

The following ring is ACE & reminds me of the YSL Arty rings, of which I am obsessed!
Prices are available online at d_luxe and international deliveries are within 3 to 10 business working days. 
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