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brand alert: forfex

I can’t remember how I first came across Forfex but I felt that as I feel now, disappointed that I haven’t got man-sized feet to shove into the amazing and creative shoes. Now stocked by Opening Ceremony you can guarantee they’ll be gracing the trotters of all the cool NYC hipsters. Using interesting fabrics, stains , studs and patterns there’s sure to be a pair that would suit almost any taste.

Gentlemen – add them to your christmas/anniversary/birthday list. Ladies – try wearing a few pairs of socks and a few thick insoles to see if you can get them to fit!

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obsession, by me


I need this in my life.

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Oh, hai Marc


Pic via Fasion Copious


Charlotte Gainsbourg for Balenciaga

From the fashion vault, yes. Regardless of how old it is it’s still an ad that I love. I’m so intrigued by Charlotte, with Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin for parents, why wouldn’t you be intrigued?

Such a cliché

I’m in love with Zara. I pass by a fairly large Zara store every day on my way to & from work. Some days I go in & get annoyed with everything in the shop, other days, like today, I go in and fall in love with everything.

Like these boots. Now, tell me what these wouldn’t go with in an Irish summer?

Then there’s cutesy summer dresses with peter pan collars. I’m still not tired of peter pan collars FYI. 
One thing that i’ve found online & not yet in the shop is this poncho tshirt. But i’ll persevere until I find it (or buy online). 
As well as dipped hem skirts & dresses, there are scarf print blazers, beautiful fitted macs, parkas and leather jackets. But it was the vast selection of blouses & tops that got me really excited. 
I could imagine wearing this blouse loose over skinny black jeans or leather leggings, or tucked into my pleated leather skirt. 
This lace peplum top looks great as styled above over a tight fitted skirt. I love peplums & they look set to be everywhere for Autumn/Winter as well. 
This lace blouse is a perfect example of feminine/masculine. The lace makes it oh-so girly, while the crisp, white cotton gives it a masculine edge. I’d love this in black. 
My only gripe? The sizes. Please, Zara, give a little more room for the more ample bosomed ladies! And with that, i’m off to wait until payday and perhaps try a few on in between!

Mary Katrantzou

From A/W 2012. I’d like a bit of that please.

Peplums, pleats and prints, oh my. 
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Studs & Buckles

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots to wear whilst running about town. And here they are.

A dead ringer for Chloe Susan boots as well, eh?

Field Of Dreams

If I had a spare $179 i’d be buying this.

Brandy Melville

Last year, on my sojourn to New York I discovered this cute shop near my boyfriend’s apartment on Spring Street. Enticed in by the beachy feel of the exposed wooden floors and raw brass pipe fixtures on the red brick walls, I was greeted by soft fabric seperates at rock bottom prices.

Already way over my baggage limit, I parted with just 2 items – a grey, baby soft hoody (which i’m wearing right now and is still as soft as when I first bought it a year ago) and a soft knit, striped, oversized top. I have since lost the top and I sometimes cry myself to sleep when I think about it. Sob.

Kate tank (love these low sided vests)

Whilst it won’t win any awards for fashion forward styling, it is value and comfort in everyday pieces. I mean, if we could all afford to, i’m sure we’d be buying our white tshirts in from Alexander Wang, right?
But these are recessionary times (sorry!) and as much as American Apparel was hailed as the second coming of Christ when it arrived on our shores, I just can’t justify the prices for a plain white tee.

With that in mind, I’m just appealing to a shop somewhere in Ireland to please stock Brandy Melville. I’ve honestly never felt such soft fabrics in any high street stores over here. For my own sanity I haven’t checked if they ship abroad, because even if they do we have the monstrous customs charges to contend with.

And look! It’s not just snuggly soft fabrics that they lovingly stock, there’s cute little accessories too.

They have stores in a few locations across the states, so if you’re over, check them out. You’ll definitely get a bang for your buck on some cotton seperates.


"don’t be jealous"

That’s what i’d say to my friends if I owned this coat. The perfect colour for spring for someone whose wardrobe mainly consists of black? That’s me that is.

Coat via SheInside

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