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Newsround #6

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Just some links to some of my favourite and interesting blogposts over the last short while. 

CoCo Celine – Chloe Sevigny for Twin Magazine
The Vogue Diaries – Rachel Bilson at Cannes
Blaubushka – The Unicorn Whisperer
A Blog From Blackpool – Swirl Nail Art using water – a tutorial
Glamrocks – Rose Byrne – Style Inspiration
Fash Boulevard – Cm Creole Creations
I Blog Fashion – London College of Fashion @ New Look
Buckets and Spades – Topman Swim Collection
Accoutrements – Give Me Liberty
Red Lemonade – Along came a spider…
The Licentiate – What’s your time period?
CoCo Celine – Opening Ceremony’s Kate Foley and Inside Jen Brill’s house
Fashion Editor  at Large – The Kate Bush files
A Little Bird Told Me – Guide to vintage shopping in Paris
and finally….for this one, forgive me..
Sprinkle Bakes – Gateau au chocolat with seasalt and olive oil..


Newsround #5

Aw man, i’m so busy with life  and my blog-inspiration folder is SUCH a mess that I can’t find half the stuff I wanted to include in here. There’s been a lot of beautiful magazine shoots that have caught my eye in the last few weeks and little titbits of random news.
Here we go for another mash-up.

Rachel McAdams for Elle June 2011

Hannah MacGibbon and Chloé part ways – we can thank Hannah, in part, for bringing us camel, snakeskin and sheer from 2010 and 2011. Wedge booties? She did them at Chloe, how man high street versions are there now? A lot. Excited to see what she does next, but sad she’s left. Here’s a few of my favourite Fall 2011 looks. 
Studded collars by Eleven Objectsas seen here (naturally) and here. WANT. Or perhaps i’ll try my own DIY version. 
Lindsay Lohan for Blank magazine
Proenza Schouler to design costume jewllery – hurrah! I may be able to afford some! Hurrah! 
I’m sure there’s much more to trawl through. Please also check out my tumblr for photos of things that catch my eye on a daily basis, if such things might please you. 

Newsround #4

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks. 2 bank holidays in a row and a few weekends away = me not posting in a while. But worry not (as if you were!) as I should hopefully be back to blogging business….just as soon as the burst pipe is fixed in my hallway, ahem. 

Obviously the biggest news item of the last week is THE wedding and THE dress. I won’t post another picture, we’ve all seen it a million times and will continue to do so for some time, but I will say that I loved it. I love, love, loved it. And I am so happy that it WAS McQueen, i’m sure Sarah Burton feels proud & so she should. We all want to be princesses now, huh?

Speaking of McQueen, last night saw the Met Gala Ball, this year dedicated, or in memory of, Alexander McQueen. There were some beauties on the red carpet and there were some absolute doozers. Sure I may aswell post a few of my faves, what’s another divided opinion between friends?! 
Special mentions go to:

Stella McCartney in her own design – loving the structure of this dress.

SJP in McQueen (not sure about the shoes, from what I can see anyway) and Madonna dressing more age appropriately than usual, who knew?! 
My favourite has to be Daphne Guinness. Not only am I intrigued by her friendship with the late Isabella Blow & Lee McQueen himself, but i’d love a day in her wardrobe to have a nose through her amazing collection of couture. And not many people can carry off a pint o’guinness hairstyle for as many years, or with as much aplomb, as she does. Rather than post a picture of her, why don’t you watch this video of her getting ready in Barney’s window before the event. 
Cate Blanchett for Harper’s Bizarre Australia May 2011 – she’s looking a bit Tilda Swinton in the first picture ….anyone??
And finally, I just want to mention, homegrown (Irish) talent Rebecca Fleetwood landing the McQueen lookbook. Aged just 23 she has been the face of a campaign for Levis and shot for Glamour, Cult and Volt. I think she’s on the up and up. 
Hmmm, it’s been a bit of a McQueen Newsround hasn’t it? I guess it’s been a bit of a McQueen week. I’m not complaining. 

Newsround #3

Apologies for the brief interlude in posting – I’m afraid it’ll be much the same this week also. But i’ll be back to daily postings next week….PROMISE!!

Here’s just a few things that have caught my eye over the last few days – I have some (hopefully) good posts lined up over the next while & hopefully a few reviews also.
As always keep your lovely comments coming.

Olivier Rouesting to take over at Balmain – HELLO! What a hottie. He should be modelling aswell as designing. Full info here.

I Love My Muff!!! I was recently alerted by a friend to this range of, erm, ‘intimate’ care for women. What a brilliant name. See more here. 
Reese Witherspoon in Jason Wu at the New York premiere for Water For Elephants. I’m DYING looking at the pictures from the film as it is, the style, the fashion, the R-PATZ! But this dress at the premiere has got me foaming at the mouth – want please!
Irish Blog, Kitch, and this gorgeous Kate Bush-esque photoshoot. J’adore. 
These gorgeous pastel Vans brogues – YES, Vans, as in the trainer brand – I was shocked too. 
Via zappos
The irony of this photo being taken at the ‘Shine On’ Awards, oops! 
And finally, Interview Magazine, for their increasingly beautiful photoshoots. Here’s a few shots from 2 of my recent favourites of Michelle Williams and Amanda Seyfried. 
Until later, my dears! 

Newsround #2

Happy Friday!

I’m having an early Friday night in after a yummmmy meal in CrackBIRD, a pop up restaurant here in Dublin with ‘addictive chicken’ and sides (the whipped feta & burnt lemon dip is UHmayzing). Loads of plans for the  weekend, but in the meantime, here’s a roundup of things that have caught my eye this week and fun events coming up!

The lovely Pearl, from Fashion Pearls of Wisdom, has put together a FREE ebook guide to spotting counterfeit items on ebay and beyond. Anyone that has read her blog will know that she has some amazing vintage finds and a designer wardrobe to make any girl jealous. She shares her Pearls (geddit?!) of wisdom in spotting counterfeit items when buying vintage. This edition features Channel 2.55, Louis Vuitton scarves and Vivienne Westwood. To download, visit Pearl’s blog for links to the FREE guide. Did I mention it’s free? Well it is.

For the athlete in you that’s dying to get out ( i’m sure there’s one in me somewhere) Liberty of London have teamed up with Nike to create a range of Liberty print Nike trainers. I was unsure of what the collaboration might be like when I first heard word of it, however the prints are gorgeous and girly, without being over the top. Typically Liberty, they designs are intricate and delicate looking but pack a punch. My favourite design is the second one down in the pictures that follow. Jaime of Boy Meets Fashion got up close & personal to the collection and his lovely pictures are here.

For anyone who, like me, is excited to see Kate Middleton’s dress but otherwise isn’t too pushed about THE wedding of the year. OR, for anyone that needs to explain to their cynical other half (again, like me) just why it is that they’re somewhat excited, The Licentiate has a great post that will give you a very valid reason to list off to those that moan. FINALLY, something he can’t answer back to!

THESE, sickeningly, green-eyed-monster inducing photos of Khloe Kardashian’s shoe closet. I’m thinking of writing to her & appealing to her humanitarian side…she only has 2  feet and i’m sure she can’t be papped in the same pair twice. I just hope she’s the same shoe size as me!

Photos via
A quick reminder for any of you that have the Easter Weekend free from family ties and need some fun for the bank holiday weekend. Absolut Style at Set in lovely Kilkenny is back for it’s second year. See my original post here along with info and links for the event itself. I really wish I could go, so ya’ll better make up for me not being there!
And this weekend, Sunday to be exact, sees Vintage Ireland’s Vintage Fashion & Decor Fair hit Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin. See my original post here. This is one that I will be heading along to and I can’t wait to *hopefully* bag myself a vintage treasure! I’ll be getting some photos of the day and i’ll put some up here for you all to delight over. Also, if we could have some sun for such a great location, that’d be great. 
That’s it for now. Again, Happy Friday to all! 
If anyone has anything else to add, please let me know below. 
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