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Field Of Dreams

If I had a spare $179 i’d be buying this.


"don’t be jealous"

That’s what i’d say to my friends if I owned this coat. The perfect colour for spring for someone whose wardrobe mainly consists of black? That’s me that is.

Coat via SheInside

Back’s The New Black

Business in the front, party in the back. 
via Zara

The Silver Factory

The Silver Factory is currently a range of tshirts designed & printed by homegrown talent, 16yr old Cameron Cavaliere.

Working closely with the amazing Blanaid from Shutterbug (seriously, do check out the great vintage pieces for sale through their facebook) he first started selling the tshirts through the Shutterbug shop in Kilkenny and online through facebook. Now known in his own right, one of his tshirts was recently worn by a dancer in Rihanna’s video for We Found Love. Not bad for a 16yr old from Kilkenny, right?!
The tshirts come in at a bargain price of only €20 and the A/W collection has just been released. Who wouldn’t want to support local talent at that price? 
Help me decide which one to get! Here’s a few of my favourites and you can check the rest out online here.


There’s been a complete lack of posting around these parts recently. Without meaning to go on there’s just been a whole lovely (read: not) series of circumstances in my non-blogging life recently.
Anyway, let’s not bang on about it too much.

Who doesn’t love a good leather jacket? Topshop are blowing my mind with these beauties. I’d have the snakeskin one if my credit card would allow it, but it won’t. Boo.

Flowers and bows and pleats, oh my

Kind of having a love affair with River Island right now. It’s hard not to when you’re surprised by such genuinely beautiful pieces, like this dress.
I saw it in the flesh (fabric?) today, and let me just say, this picture really doesn’t do it justice. I’m in love.

Office Flats

A quick jaunt into Office the other day left me frothing at the mouth about all these delicious flats. Coming into winter and with the threat of more snow than last year (which, for Ireland, is a LOT) I know i’ll be needing some sensible and griptastic flats.
Ok, what I really need are snowboots, but I’m not gonna wear those really, am I?
Really, I’m just making excuses as to why I should buy one pair of each of these:

Chrissie Hynde – my ‘pleather’ icon

Plastic leather. One of my favourite odes to a rock-chick is leather, or in this case, pleather. If you can be bothered to battle with the sweat or bring a bottle of talc out with you then I salute you. If not, pleather’s your man.
One of my most beloved style icons is Chrissie Hynde, from The Pretenders. I love her messy hair, shaggy fringe, smudged eyeliner and leather and denim. Chrissie, herself a vegetarian, would most likely never wear real leather so this is an ode to her.

There’s lots of pleather (stop staying pleather!) on the high street at the moment. With denim and stretch-jersey mixes, to just plain out stretchy pleather pants. Worn with heels and some sequins for a night-time look or with a shabby tshirt and converse for a daytime grungey rock look, they’re versatile and oh-so cool. 
I’m going straight for the River Island ones come payday. And I will live in them. 

New online discovery: Romwe

You might remember that I recently featured Fashion Chalet as one of my Monday Muse‘s. I noticed that a lot of her awesome clothing & accessories were from Romwe and decided to check them out for myself.
To say I was excited when I checked out the site is an understatement. Really, REALLY, reasonably priced clothes, shoes and accessories with an option for FREE delivery and 20% off your first order.
Now, the sizing is slightly questionable, so i’m gonna do a small order first and see how they run before going mad and ordering everything – currently I have €735 in my shopping basket, ahem.

Here’s the lovely  Fashion Chalet in a recent outfit post featuring a dress.

If any of you have bought from Romwe do let me know your thoughts below. Otherwise, here’s a pick of a few of my favourite pieces available. I’m just waiting for a new payday before I splurge too much!
I literally could be here all afternoon just posting pictures of things that I love on here. The jewellery also looks great, with prices to match too. One of things I love is that prices are available in sterling, euro and dollar and you can see you’re not being ripped off with conversion fees, a personal pet peeve.
Happy shopping – let me know what you think!

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