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i am wearing clothes

I’m loving collars underneath things at the moment. I always love leopard print and gold anyway. This navy Zara tunic once had delicate chiffon sleeves, but as with a lot of Zara items they soon started to fray, so I lobbed them right off at the shoulder.

I wore this while most of the rest of the country were in flip-flops (don’t get me started) and tank tops. Guys, it’s warm, but it’s not THAT warm.

I don’t think my wardrobe changes much from winter to summer, the addition or subtraction of some opaque tights here, a wooly hat there.

Jeans – Topshop | Tunic – Zara | Blouse – Old Navy | Beaten up boots – flea market, originally Office | Necklace – Topshop | Spike ring – Forever 21


Pour myself a cup of ambition

This is a regular working day outfit for me. I’m currently working a fulltime job with college one evening a week and volunteering for a charity. It’s all go!

As much as I love fashion and am beginning to really get to grips with my style, some days it takes a lot of effort to wear something stylish over something comfortable. But why can’t a work outfit be both? Especially on the long days when I go from work to college.My work wardrobe is quite different from my casual, off-duty wardrobe so I do feel a bit of a chameleon. Here’s a typical work-college outfit.

Pleated pleather skirt – Primark, Blouse – Asos, Sequinned slippers – Asos, Tights – M&S (ALWAYS M&S tights)

You’ll have to excuse the shoddy iphone pictures – the last photo is from ASOS, the painstaking photo-from-behind shot is a bit of a waste of space in fairness!


DIY – A €3 Dress

At the weekend I trudged out in the rain for coffee and a jaunt around the local monthly flea market. As I stood sheltering under the cover over a slightly messy stall a golden glint caught my eye.
Ever a magpie for things of a tacky nature, this dress sang out to me. I fully expected it to be a tenner at least, so I was delighted to be told it was only €3! BARGAIN.

I pulled it out of the pile fully and was quite disappointed to see it was quite large. But for €3 it was definitely worth chancing a bit of a DIY project.

First I chopped off the underskirt. And I was left with a lovely, tacky gold & black oversized top. My initial plan was to just wear this over pleather skinny trousers, but it was so oversized that it just looked like a sack of potatoes.
Next I cut the arms off at the seam. At this stage I tried it  on again and was disappointed that the “shift dress” I was hoping for was, again, just a sack of potatoes.
I felt slightly defeated and threw it in a pile of clothes to be customised, vowing to take it in with a sewing machine at some point to make it less…voluminous.
And then I had a brainwave. The most obvious of brainwaves and Gok Wan’s favourite piece of style advice – I added a belt.
And voila! Here is my €3 dress.

Excuse the bad quality photos, blame the iphone. 
I’ve caught the bug now and i’ve been scouring eBay for 80’s peplum dresses so I can make more. MORE!


Ok, I think we can all agree that I can do with some work on my photography skills. Problem is, i’m  rather lazy and i’m easily frustrated by technology. But, if I’m serious about this blogging lark, I really need to improve the quality of my pictures.
And so, I will endeavor to provide you with better pictures from here on in. After this shoddy one, that is.

Top & ‘pleather’ pleated skirt – Primark | Boots – Topshop
I caved in & bought the Ambush boots. Having been obsessed with Acne Pistol’s since FOREVER and the Ambush selling out in every colour and form the day they get stocked in Topshop, I nearly fell over myself when I saw them on the shelf yesterday. Determined not to miss out and convincing myself all the way to the till that this would be my last chance to own them, I threw caution to the wind, and my bank manager, and splashed out. I only went in to check out the sale section. WHEN will I learn? But they’re worth it, right?


(excuse the stained mirror…it cost €8 in Dunnes Stores…)
Jeans – Citizens of Humanity | Top – Primark/Penneys | Shoes – Valentino

ANOTHER scheduled Outfit Post

I wore this for Friday drinks with some of my chums. This Zara tunic is quickly becoming my go-to when I need to throw something on without making a huge effort.  The quality isn’t so great though, i’ve found, with the stitching catching easily and pulling and the light chiffon nearly ripping in places. At least it was on sale when I got it so I don’t feel too ripped off….excuse the pun.

Tunic – Zara | Tights – M&S | Boots – Kurt Geiger | Detachable collar – ASOS
As an aside, navy & black? I love it! I know a lot of my friends would be turning in their graves just thinking of pairing navy & black together. Throw away the rules! What ‘shouldn’t’ work (according to who?) just might work better than you think. Are there any style ‘rules’ that you love to break?

Outfit Post – *scheduled*

I hope anyone who’s at the blogger extravaganza as part of Dublin Fashion Festival is having fun. I’m on my way to the other end of the country for a few days away with my family.
Here’s what I wore today for a jaunt around town with one of my close pals.

Jeans – Topshop (sick of these yet?) | Breton top – Dunnes Stores | Pink Blazer – Zara | Canvas shoes – Toms | Watch – Marc Jacobs

Outfit Post : Dublin Fashion Festival edition

Not the most flattering shots, ahem. Here’s what i’m wearing for the first day of Dublin Fashion Festival and Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. 
Jeans – Topshop | Black vest – H&M | Shoes – Steve Madden | Bolero cardigan – Bill Gibb 
First outing of the Bill Gibb bolero – it’s a beaut. I can’t believe it’s mine. 

Dipped Hem

Oh, just one of those outfit posts that I always threaten to do..

Skinny Jeans – Topshop | Dipped Hem Tunic – Zara | Assorted Jewellery | Boots – Kurt Geiger
My friends will tell you that I lahurrrrrrrrve eBay. I’m obsessed. My phone constantly has notifications to tell me an item is ending soon. I once filled my ‘watch’ list. That’s 250 items. I might have a problem. I digress, below is the BEST bargain i’ve ever found on eBay. A vintage Givenchy silk & wool scarf all for the princely sum of €8 including postage. Totes barg loike. I love it. It’s HUGE  and soft and warm. Expect to see a lot of it. Or not.

Oh my my my my, July*

*can’t believe I just used a Mundy song in a post. I’m sorry. Don’t hate me!

An assortment of photos from my phone from this past week. You lucky, lucky readers. I spoil you.

First up: an outfit post of sorts. This is a pretty standard weekday outfit for me. My 9-5 is in an office, I shan’t say which, but it’s not very glamorous – although try telling some girls that on a casual Friday!

Leopard print tunic – Miss Selfridge | Leggings – Dunnes Stores | Pumps – Urban Outfitters | Belt – Primark | Cardigan – Forever 21
My new favourite purchase – this VERY YSL Art-alike ring  from Oasis. And it only set me back 20 smackers, as opposed to 120-odd for the real thing! Still, no beating the real thing if you can get it, eh?
Thought about going for some ‘stree relief’, but then I worried what that might entail..
Trying on hats in Dunnes Stores – don’t worry, I had no intention of purchasing!!
And finally, a bit of undercover style spotting. I was waiting for a bus & trying to take some sneaky snaps of the lovely lady without looking like a freak. That’s a real Mulberry bag on her person, and I loved her t-bar wedges and parka jacket. I love this look, it’s stylish and casual without being too try-hard. 
P.S. If you recognise this lady as yourself, or indeed know her, please don’t hesitate to ask for the photo to be removed. But please, take it as a compliment – I LOVE YOUR LOOK! 

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