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Paris the ‘what I bought’ edition

A quick little trip through a few of my vintage and not-so-vintage bargains and spends from Paris. Exciting, I’m sure. Sorry!
First up was Coiffeur, a vintage shop on Rue de Rosiers, as seen on and recommended Jen’s blog and via Sarenza’s very helpful tweets!
First up was this worn leather handbag. I love messenger bags for nights out as i’m a hands-in-the-air sorta dancer and messenger bags = optimum dancing capabilities. I love the worn effect on this obviously used bag and it has 2 deceivingly spacious zipped compartments. For only €5 this is my favourite bargain of the lot, even if it’s not the prettiest. 

Next is this white and coral splash tunic – it’s cotton and comfy and cool. A bargain at €10. 
My final purchase in Coiffeur was this nautical inspired blouse – I loved the print and the double breast style, the shoulder pads i’m still on the fence about. This was also just €10.

My next purchase was a friendship bracelet from a street vendor. This is very similar to one given to me by my sis-in-law years ago – they’re both just cheap old things, but I love little bracelets like this and I rarely take them off. I love the sterling silver tag attached also. 

My stinky old bracelet. 

Next up was this vintage playsuit from Free P’Star – it’s quite big, but with a little adjustment it could be good, if not i’ll just throw it on eBay with the bag of items I have waiting to be sold. This was a steal at €10 and I love the detailing on the pocket. 
My STAR purchase of  the lot is this Isabel Marant friendship bracelet.  I love it so much, and mixed together with my cheaper bracelets it looks great. I actually wanted the other style that was silver, rather than string, however the concession store I  stumbled into didn’t have the whole selection. I’m pretty happy with this one though!

This vintage inspired scarf was, again, from a street vendor for something like €3 or €4. It’s obviously synthetic and slightly tacky, but it reminds me of something that my grandmother owns that isn’t synthetic or tacky. I like the detailing on it in any case, even if I use it to tie in my hair then i’m getting my money’s worth!

And finally, no trip to Paris would be complete without these! 

Paris, je t’aime……(image heavy)

A photodiary of sorts, shopping adventures to follow. 
The Louvre

Had to be done.

poor Colin 😦 


awesome metro signs

Moulin Rouge – ooh la la!

Sacre Coeur at night – with drinking and drumming and fights – just like your average night in Temple Bar then!

Some lump of metal

Macaroons of course!

That is a queue out the door of Lauduree – I aint got time to wait

Arc de Triomphe 

Outside Notre Dame – not sure what i’m standing on actually…

beautiful Metro station art

I appear to have stumpled upon Christian Louboutin’s press office – squeal!

The amazing dome inside Galeries Lafayette

Obligatory patisserie shot

Coiffeur vintage

Andy Warhol @ Pompidou Centre

Pompidou Centre

Weird horned shoes!

Mmmmm lovely cheeses

Scared @ Tower of Terror at Disneyland

Lovely building art

Dream shopping in Maje, Sandro & The Kooples


Au revoir, mes amis!

For tomorrow morning at 6.30 (ugh) I fly to Paris! Whilst there I shall think of you all as I sip chocolat chaud (in this weather? I think NOT), eat croissaint and practise my Honours French*!

Hopefully I shall return with a bounty of vintage goods, an Isabel Marant friendship bracelet (or 3) and maybe some Charlotte Ronson for Uniqlo (ok, on further inspection that only seems available in the US? boo). All of these are dependent on my boyfriend being very patient and ‘allowing’ me (ha) some shopping time – wish me luck!

Bon Voyage!!

*Ok, I did my exams 11 years ago, 11 years ago this/next week, in fact, so I may be a little rusty. Ahem.



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