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Perfect Sunday

Here’s how I’m hoping today will go. With a little bit of assignment work thrown in (ugh).

(Yes, I love New Girl, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Schmidt is easily the best character. Chut-a-ney.)
All images via (quelle surprise?! Images on a blog via weheart it!)


Bill Cunningham New York

Forget Scott Schuman or Tommy Ton, Bill Cunningham is the 80+yrs old original street style photographer. More than just a photographer, he is described by some as a historian of fashion in New York City.
The film documentary Bill Cunningham New York follows him through the streets of NYC & gives us an insight into his fascinating life.

Bill has a column with the New York Times entitled On The Street where he photographs people and fashions and reports on trends as he sees them from the streets.
 Anna Wintour exclaims how herself & her fellow magazine editor friends are often  shocked when a trend bypasses them and even the fashion designers themselves  and is picked up by Bill through the photographs he takes on the street.

But the thing that stuck with me the most was that, in a modern world where we’re obsessed with celebrity, and certainly in the fashion world where being a celebrity endorsement can really make a designer’s business boom (see: The Kate Middleton effect), Bill really has no interest in celebrities and what they’re wearing. Nor is he obsessed with designer or expensive clothes.
A former milliner, he has an eye for design and structure. But what excites him and spurs him on to photograph people is the creativity in their sartorial choices. As he says in the film whilst choosing a photo of an unknown woman in a stylish dress over a photo of a celebrity in a designer gown “that’s not a model, that’s a private person that bought their own clothes”.

With the increase street style photography and whole blogs dedicated to them, it was inevitable that being papped by a well known street style photographer would become a mission for some. Prior to the recent fashion weeks I saw a few blogs detailing how to get noticed by the photographers. The main advice seemed to be to stick to a certain uniform du jour or be Alexa Chung.
Of course wearing head to toe Isabel Marant won’t always guarantee you a spot on the street style blogs and  there will always be the Anna Dello Russo’s or Iris Apfel’s that don’t dress by trends or what’s “in” and simply stick their own veritable mishmash style. According to Bill “a lot of people have taste, but they don’t have the daring to be creative”.

Whilst I still look to street style photos over magazines or runway trends for inspiration, what I find interesting about his comments and observations is that modern street style photography, or certainly street style blogs, seem to focus in on the same tired trends. Stylish they may be, but exciting and new? Most likely not. Sometimes you’ll often see the same person featured in more than 1 street style piece, out of thousands of people roaming the streets at any one time. Surely this demonstrates just how there is a specific “look” that is appreciated by street photographers. Not so much with Bill Cunningham.

He leads what some might see as a somewhat lonely life, living in a small apartment filled with filing cabinets of his work, with no bathroom or kitchen and his bed a simple plank of wood held up on crates. A very private man, even those closest to him don’t seem to know a whole lot about his background or family. And nor do they want to. It’s very reflective of his own view of the people that he photographs every day & his disinterest in celebrities or where people are from in the photographs that he takes.

There’s a few other interesting personalities featured in the documentary, aside from Anna Wintour and Iris Apfel, there’s his longtime neighbour & well-known artist Editta Sherman. Their nonchalant chats about Andy Warhol give a glimpse into a possible past life. Also featured was the very interesting former UN diplomat from Nepal, Shail Upadhya, who used to wear conservative suits during the day at work in the UN and outfits made from various materials, including his couch, at night.

As I constantly seem to go through a wardrobe panic and often spend hours obsessing over expensive items that I can’t afford, watching this made me appreciate fashion and style at it’s most fundamental. Aside from the obvious, that we wear clothes to protect our modesty, we wear clothes as an extension of who we are, or sometimes as armour to show who we want to be.
Here is a man who could wear clothes from probably every designer under the sun if he so wished, but instead he opts for a $20 janitor’s coat from a hardware department due to it’s functionality.
He tapes up his rain poncho rather than buying a new one.
And he photograph’s people because they look good in what they wear, rather than because of what they’re wearing.

I loved this film/documentary on a humanist level as a great insight into a fascinating person from an era gone-by, an era of camera film developing and manners. And an insight into being creative and having creative relationships with people who admire your work.
But it’s also made me appreciate more that some trends are just that, trends. A passing fad that mightn’t necessarily be flattering to everyone. So, can I finally hold  my hands up high and say I think JC Lita’s look like orthopedic shoes for someone with a club foot? Or is that not very PC? Ah, send the PC brigade to me if need be, i’ll already be fighting off the rest of the fashion blogger brigade for speaking out against Lita’s!

Oh my my my my, July*

*can’t believe I just used a Mundy song in a post. I’m sorry. Don’t hate me!

An assortment of photos from my phone from this past week. You lucky, lucky readers. I spoil you.

First up: an outfit post of sorts. This is a pretty standard weekday outfit for me. My 9-5 is in an office, I shan’t say which, but it’s not very glamorous – although try telling some girls that on a casual Friday!

Leopard print tunic – Miss Selfridge | Leggings – Dunnes Stores | Pumps – Urban Outfitters | Belt – Primark | Cardigan – Forever 21
My new favourite purchase – this VERY YSL Art-alike ring  from Oasis. And it only set me back 20 smackers, as opposed to 120-odd for the real thing! Still, no beating the real thing if you can get it, eh?
Thought about going for some ‘stree relief’, but then I worried what that might entail..
Trying on hats in Dunnes Stores – don’t worry, I had no intention of purchasing!!
And finally, a bit of undercover style spotting. I was waiting for a bus & trying to take some sneaky snaps of the lovely lady without looking like a freak. That’s a real Mulberry bag on her person, and I loved her t-bar wedges and parka jacket. I love this look, it’s stylish and casual without being too try-hard. 
P.S. If you recognise this lady as yourself, or indeed know her, please don’t hesitate to ask for the photo to be removed. But please, take it as a compliment – I LOVE YOUR LOOK! 


Today this gorgeous dress was stolen from Dirty Fabulous vintage boutique in Dublin.

Anyone in Dublin please be on the look-out for this individual dress. Anyone with information please contact Pearse St Garda Station on 01666 9000.

Apologies for the intermission..

I’m having a little blog-spat with myself. Normal blogging shall (hopefully) resume in the next few days.

In the meantime, I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on.

For now, I hope you’re all enjoying a bit of this.

The Kate Effect OR One woman’s ability to clone an army without quite meaning to…

Ok, so I’m sure you all are sick of hearing about The Duchess of Cambridge (no? just me then?) & what she’s been wearing/eating/reading recently. I know I am. Whilst I can appreciate that she is a gorgeous and somewhat stylish young laydee, I just don’t quite get what all the fuss is about in terms of what she’s wearing RIGHT NOW.
Are we still caught up in Royal Wedding fever? Or is this old-school royal hysteria of yore? Is it just isolated to Kate Middleton? (the answer to that is ‘No’. See also: Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo)
Of course, my main motivation for writing, or even thinking, about this is the last few days of hysteria surrounding the now-infamous Reiss Shola dress that the Duchess wore to meet the Obama’s.

Shola (Ama) 
Now, just look at it. It’s perfectly nice. A pleasant dress. But not necessarily for everyone. I don’t know, I haven’t tried one. A versatile colour, can be worn with a number of coloured accesories, though I fear many will copy the outfit like for like, poring over photos of Kate and rushing out for identical accesories (minus the royal husband).
However, it’s certainly not worthy of websites crashing, devotion of a million blogposts (yes, yes, I understand the irony of that statement) and the apparant cashing in on eBay by some fortune-hunters. Or is it? Is there something that I’m just not getting? Would YOU want to own this just because Kate did?
I wonder if the people that rushed out and online to buy it did so because it was reported on Twitter within a few minutes of her being photographed in it that it was from a high-street store that most people could afford? OR, is it because Kate has always been a media favourite and her style has been somewhat hailed as stand-out or special – quite why there’s always been a fuss about what she’s wearing is beyond me.
That’s not to say she’s in any way unstylish, but her style is what I would consider ‘safe’, even as a Royal and with all that that commands. Not that we all have to go out like Gaga to be different – but she’s someone that I would consider to dress within a very specific style. Not even classic in a Jackie O kind of way. 
So, are we, as a fashion consuming public, obsessed with her because we feel her look is more achievable, because a lot of her items are from the high street and a lot more affordable to us mere mortals, or because she’s the newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge?
I’m not sure i’m even making my point well. Or at all. 
I was excited when she wore McQueen for her wedding. I was excited because there was a buildup to it, a secrecy, i’m a fan of McQueen anyway and her wedding was not your ordinary trip down the aisle. On that day I questioned whether i’d been wrong about her style all along, but looking back on pictures, no I wasn’t. 
But when I saw the immediate tweets announcing her wearing of a Reiss dress, followed shortly by the dress selling out and the website crashing it really got me wondering how much of an influence Kate is going to continue to have on the fashion buying public. 
Do we now look up to Kate, as we do many celebrities, as our style guru? Do we see what she’s wearing and want that exactly? 
With many other fashion icons, Alexa Chung, for example, they have such an individual style that it’s possible to take an item that they champion and work it into your own wardrobe. A satchel for example. ‘Oh, that’s very Alexa’. 
Or Sienna Miller and her own take on (apologies for using this work, ick) ‘Boho’ – wear a floaty top in the summer with messed up hair and you’re sure to be compared to her by at least one person. 
So, with the huge amount of people buying the exact dress that Kate wore, will we some day look at someone in a camel coloured dress or low wedged shoes and say ‘That’s very Duchess of Cambridge’? I just can’t see her style as being so indvidual or obvious. 
And maybe that’s where the attraction lies. And there’s nothing quite wrong with that.
I applaud Kate, Catherine, The Duchess, for her ability to crash a website and create an army of clones. I doubt she planned on things going quite so far and i’d imagine she’s rather humbled by the furore.
I just wonder if this means there’s a large number amongst us that couldn’t be bothered with individuality or finding our own style and just want a whole look on demand. I hope not. 

Newsround #2

Happy Friday!

I’m having an early Friday night in after a yummmmy meal in CrackBIRD, a pop up restaurant here in Dublin with ‘addictive chicken’ and sides (the whipped feta & burnt lemon dip is UHmayzing). Loads of plans for the  weekend, but in the meantime, here’s a roundup of things that have caught my eye this week and fun events coming up!

The lovely Pearl, from Fashion Pearls of Wisdom, has put together a FREE ebook guide to spotting counterfeit items on ebay and beyond. Anyone that has read her blog will know that she has some amazing vintage finds and a designer wardrobe to make any girl jealous. She shares her Pearls (geddit?!) of wisdom in spotting counterfeit items when buying vintage. This edition features Channel 2.55, Louis Vuitton scarves and Vivienne Westwood. To download, visit Pearl’s blog for links to the FREE guide. Did I mention it’s free? Well it is.

For the athlete in you that’s dying to get out ( i’m sure there’s one in me somewhere) Liberty of London have teamed up with Nike to create a range of Liberty print Nike trainers. I was unsure of what the collaboration might be like when I first heard word of it, however the prints are gorgeous and girly, without being over the top. Typically Liberty, they designs are intricate and delicate looking but pack a punch. My favourite design is the second one down in the pictures that follow. Jaime of Boy Meets Fashion got up close & personal to the collection and his lovely pictures are here.

For anyone who, like me, is excited to see Kate Middleton’s dress but otherwise isn’t too pushed about THE wedding of the year. OR, for anyone that needs to explain to their cynical other half (again, like me) just why it is that they’re somewhat excited, The Licentiate has a great post that will give you a very valid reason to list off to those that moan. FINALLY, something he can’t answer back to!

THESE, sickeningly, green-eyed-monster inducing photos of Khloe Kardashian’s shoe closet. I’m thinking of writing to her & appealing to her humanitarian side…she only has 2  feet and i’m sure she can’t be papped in the same pair twice. I just hope she’s the same shoe size as me!

Photos via
A quick reminder for any of you that have the Easter Weekend free from family ties and need some fun for the bank holiday weekend. Absolut Style at Set in lovely Kilkenny is back for it’s second year. See my original post here along with info and links for the event itself. I really wish I could go, so ya’ll better make up for me not being there!
And this weekend, Sunday to be exact, sees Vintage Ireland’s Vintage Fashion & Decor Fair hit Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin. See my original post here. This is one that I will be heading along to and I can’t wait to *hopefully* bag myself a vintage treasure! I’ll be getting some photos of the day and i’ll put some up here for you all to delight over. Also, if we could have some sun for such a great location, that’d be great. 
That’s it for now. Again, Happy Friday to all! 
If anyone has anything else to add, please let me know below. 


Ok, not so much ‘news’ as ‘things I like’….but these things are news to you! (speaking of news, did you hear that Top of The Pops is coming back? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEAL)

Anyway, this is like a mid-week Sunday Roast of things that have caught my eye, but don’t particularly deserve a full post (OR, i’ve been too busy this week to dedicate the time to a full post, sorry!) Here goes, comments appreciated – also, feel free to let your friends know about the blog if you enjoy it, honest…I won’t mind!

Diane Kruger in THIS Jason Wu dress – I actually have an idea for a Diane Kruger related post, yeah, I know, i’m late to the bandwagon, but she’s really wowed me in this dress. It’s classy and elegant and the shapes are just beautiful, not to mention the naughty little peek of white from under the hem. I’d love to find an affordable version of this, or a dress with a similar shape. Stunning.

This post about Pamela Love’s studio from CoCo Celine. I’m so excited about the Topshop collab that is planned – i’m a big fan of her pieces. 
This dress from Rachel Zoe’s RTW Fall 2011 collection – can you tell yet that I love volume and shapes? 
Nicki Minaj is at it again – I love her, she’s FIERCE competition for Lady Gaga. Fearless and strong and wow, look at that ass! (i’m just saying what we’re all thinking)
This short piece about Tavi – The Style Rookie. Sometimes when reading her blog I feel strangely proud of her and how she’s growing up and maturing. She’s as cool as I wish I had been at her age. I hope she finds the direction she wants to go and doesn’t get pulled under by the evils of fashion. (is now an inappropriate time to add evil laughter?)
Cara Delevigne for Burberry Beauty via – ahoy there lovely eyebrows. 
Oh, Opening Ceremony, why must you taunt me with your ‘i’m so cute i might explode’ dresses and ‘fuck me i’m AMAZING’ platformed shoes teamed with socks? A quick jaunt into the SoHo, NYC store in February left me panting and grasping at my credit card, all the while pleading that my bank manager would give me MORE, MORE, MORE so I could spend there – alas, it was the end of the trip, the end of my funds and it just wasn’t meant to be. Here, they have partnered with Pendleton in these Navajo Desert, wild west inspired wonders. I just love their quirky photo shoots. (the cynical part of me hates myself for using the word ‘quirky’ just there, please don’t judge me)
More outfits & shots can be seen here.
Charlotte Free – read about her here
Alexandra Jefford jewellery – in particular the cocktail rings, I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough. 
And finally, because i’m loving barbie pink and neon lips at the moment, this piece from Net-a-Porter about perfecting your pout, ooh la la! 

Who needs boats when you can have goats?

Spitalfields City Farm BOAT Race – Sat March 26th 2011

Not a great picture of Oxford & Cambridge, but it was the best I could do. 
Cambridge won btw. 

The *overcooked* Sunday Roast

Yeah…so…my plan for a weekly Sunday hodge-podge of all the bits & pieces i’d put aside during the week didn’t really go off did it? How and ever, late as I am, here are the things that caught my eye this week, and that I didn’t get a chance, or was too lazy (oops, at least i’m honest!), to dedicate a whole post to.
Tell me your thoughts! Leave me your comments! LOVE ME!

Tory Burch donates 100% of proceeds from Love Japan t-shirts to the American Red Cross to help with relief efforts. Proceeds from now until SEPTEMBER 2011 will be given – that’s a huge amount of time for anyone to save up & buy one if you haven’t got the cash now. Well done Tory Burch – it’s great to see the fashion community as involved as anyone else. 
THE latest celebrity offspring to launch themselves into stardom is none other than Selah Marley. You should  obviously recognise her famous surname because of her late grandfather, Bob, but don’t forget that her famous mother is none other than Lauryn Hill. Just 12yrs old she’s joining ranks with Willow Smith and grabbing some of the spotlight from her parents. With a face like this, though, there’s no surprise she was snapped up by Teen Vogue. 
THIS story about Karl Lagerfeld & Rachel Bilson shooting for a new Magnum ice cream campaign. Yes, ice cream. Hmm. 

This commercial.
Finally, my love for these isn’t going away. I really need to have them. 
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