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brand alert: forfex

I can’t remember how I first came across Forfex but I felt that as I feel now, disappointed that I haven’t got man-sized feet to shove into the amazing and creative shoes. Now stocked by Opening Ceremony you can guarantee they’ll be gracing the trotters of all the cool NYC hipsters. Using interesting fabrics, stains , studs and patterns there’s sure to be a pair that would suit almost any taste.

Gentlemen – add them to your christmas/anniversary/birthday list. Ladies – try wearing a few pairs of socks and a few thick insoles to see if you can get them to fit!

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Studs & Buckles

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots to wear whilst running about town. And here they are.

A dead ringer for Chloe Susan boots as well, eh?

"Rarr" or "Argh" ?

Louboutin’s lion claw pump. Already sported by the likes of SJP & Blake Lively. What say you?

Office Flats

A quick jaunt into Office the other day left me frothing at the mouth about all these delicious flats. Coming into winter and with the threat of more snow than last year (which, for Ireland, is a LOT) I know i’ll be needing some sensible and griptastic flats.
Ok, what I really need are snowboots, but I’m not gonna wear those really, am I?
Really, I’m just making excuses as to why I should buy one pair of each of these:

Chelsea Girl…ode to an ankle boot..

Sometimes I think I make up the trends myself. Nah, I’m kidding…I think. I’ve wanted a pair of chelsea boots for months, i’ve been scouring the internet, second hand shops & eBay for a nice vintage or worn looking pair. Good leather. Would last a lifetime.
None felt just right though. And then Topshop A/W happened. And everywhere followed suit.

Here’s a rundown of my favourite highstreet chelsea boot-inspired…. erm, boots. Or ask your mum, maybe she has an old pair stashed away.
Wear with skinny jeans or a pretty dress with a denim shirt thrown over it. Endless options, timeless cool.

Topshop Ambush Glitter Ankle Boot  (also available in black glitter, black and tan leather)
(apologies for the awful image, ahem)
Topshop Maccoy leopard print brushed chelsea ankle boots
ASOS Andre Leather chelsea ankle boot
Office Novice chelsea boot
Marks and Spencer Limited Collection chelsea boot
While these M&S ones may not look like much in the photos, I tried them on today and not only do they fit like a glove, but the heel is a great size for non-regular heel wearers like myself. I love M&S for basics and they always surprise me by having a really on-trend piece done well. This is one of those times. 
I will, however, point out that the price in the UK is £35 and yet in Ireland they’re €70. Really, Marks and Spencer? 

My name is Cat and I’m a shoeaholic

It was 4.17pm today when I realised I had a problem. “I think i’m gonna go to the River Island sale and see what the shoes are like.” I said to my sister-in-law. She texted me back asking why I needed to buy more shoes. “For the 3 weddings i’m going to this summer”, I replied. “What about those black ones I bought you last Christmas that you’ve only worn once” came her reply.


“What black ones?!!” I thought. I racked my brains trying to think of the shoes she’d bought me. And then I remembered. I’d seen them in a boutique at home in County Cork. I’d drooled over them, but being a smalltown boutique I felt they were overpriced for what they were and I somehow, magically, decided not to buy them. Four weeks later and they were in my hands, all wrapped up and pretty! And now, here I was 6 months later and I couldn’t even remember that they belonged to me. I was a shoe traitor.

I blame my addiction somewhat on my favourite choice of tv show as a kid. I’m sure you’ll all remember this.

Margot the ballet slipper was my favourite, FYI.

In the end I didn’t go into River Island. I took a long, hard look at my finances and realised i’d been shopping far too much recently and, rather than buying more, I needed to get rid of lots! (To whit, I’ll be having a blogsale soon, just to see how it goes, so keep your eyes peeled!)
I came home & emptied out my shoes. From the bottom of my wardrobe, from 3 large bags, from a weekend bag and from a large IKEA carrier bag – you know, the ones that are used to carry FURNITURE?

And this, this here, is the damage. Eeeks!

Pump up the jam

Hoots Man! there’s boots loose about this hoose!

Heeling in the years

Booty and the Blowfish

The Brogue Warriors

Sneaking around

(yes, I am somehow missing one of my Missy Elliot Adidas Respect:Me hi-tops…they’re somewhere here!
To be honest, I didn’t really feel too bad when I looked at all these shoes. And then I rang my mum and recounted part of the story to her. “But darling, there’s 2 tea-chests filled with shoes here at home aswell!” came her retort. 
Tea CHESTS?!!! TWO?! Oh dear, I need to sit down. I didn’t realise it had quite gotten this bad. If you want me, i’ll be reading Imelda Marcos’s life story. 

Label Love: Beau Coops

Beau Coops, so called as the Beau relates to the French for ‘man’ and Coops is short for the designer’s surname, Cooper.
The Beau Coops manifest is to “offer beautifully designed, classic footwear and accessories, that represent a lifestyle of comfort, quality and style.”
Made in Italy, the shoes are inspired by Carrie Cooper’s former East London home. Carrie, the designer, has previously worked with Alexander McQueen, and the shoes she designs look familiar in an old-worlde style, but with a contemporary twist.
In Ireland the shoes are stocked in BT2 on Grafton Street, who are currently offering a sale of up to 50% off on some items. Just keep your grubby paws off the grey Beau 5 ankle boots – come payday in 2 weeks, they’re MINE. (click on pics to ENLARGE)

Here’s a selection of some of the S/S 2011 shoes by Beau Coops. I pretty much want a pair of each style. A girl can never have too many shoes!


Searching for a pair of Toms to pair with summer dresses, cropped trousers, skinny jeans and shorts. Perfect for wandering around in the heat and keeping comfortable and cool.
If only the sizing wasn’t such an issue, my usual EUR39 was too small, but the EUR40 is too big. Oh dear, oh dear.
The shortlist:

Summer shoes – Littlewoods Ireland edition

Ever forgotten it was a casual day and gone into work in fullblown office mode? Well that happened to me today. I wouldn’t have minded too much if it wasn’t for the gorgeous weather, however, black, opaque tights do not a spring outfit make. 

As I sat at my desk RAGING, I comforted myself with thoughts of forthcoming summer outfits. My summer outfits don’t vary a huge amount from my winter outfits -just minus the tights and with a change of footwear. Which got me thinking about shoes, glorious shoes! I have more than enough for every type of weather, if i’m brutally honest, but what girl ever has too many shoes, eh? 
To that end, I spent approx. and hour scouring as they have a great selection of different brands of shoes (and, honestly, because it’s the week before payday and I can buy on credit, I should hang my head in shame, but hey, at least i’m being honest!) – I digress, here are my picks. 
(I always associate Clarks with ‘comfortable’ shoes, as I like to call them, but not necessarily stylish shoes, however recently i’ve spotted a few stylish AND comfortable looking shoes in there. I’m yet to purchase and still to be 100% convinced, but these look enough like Swedish Hasbeens to be in the list)

I also had a look on Office, Topshop, New Look and ASOS so I might pick some of the best from those aswell. 
Have you seen any summer shoes you’re dying to have?

Superga – The Midas Chung Touch

She’s at it again. Alexa Chung is making things cool again. This time it’s a return to form for Italian sports label Superga. To celebrate 100 years in business they have recruited herself & with already successful consequences. They’ve been spotted on style vixens such as Sienna Miller, Katie Holmes and, a favourite of mine, Liv Tyler to name a few.
Available in a plethora of designs and materials, they’re set to take the fashion world by storm – and at such affordable prices ($35 & up) and ranges for men, women AND children it’s no wonder.

I’ve taken the liberty to pick out a few of my  favourite designs – i’m deciding between colours for my first pair!

Super Blogger Chiara Ferragni in her Superga’s
Sienna Miller looking effortlessly cool
Liv Tyler in a trench & Superga’s
And Alexa Chung – off and on duty wearing her Superga’s
What do you think? Will you be wearing Superga? What colour will you be getting?
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