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Topshop, mais non?

Further in my pursuit to find great outfits for Paris, I went into Dublin’s flagship Topshop store for the first time in ages on Friday. And I found a lot that I want.
My main reason for not going in too regularly is the price. I feel pretty hard done by when I see the price of something in Euro compared to Sterling. It’s actually cheaper to buy online in Sterling and wait patiently for it to be delivered. Woe is me!

I could definately post a lot more than I’m going to, but here’s my top picks.

I’ll have them all now please. 

Shopping for Paris : Handbags

WARNING!! For the next 3 weeks there is a distinct possibility that I will wreck everyone’s heads by talking non-stop about Paris. I’ve never been before and i’m beyond excited.

Between now & then I’m going to be looking for key pieces to make my birthday trip as stylish as can be. Well, it is Paris after all…
I’m also looking for some shopping tips – especially vintage – so if you have any, please share in the comments!

Today i’m looking for the perfect bag to bring with me. I have a gorgeous brown leather vintage satchel which i’ll be bringing, but it’s quite small so I need something a bit more multifunctional that will fit camera, bottle of water, possible picnics, raincoat etc.
If I bring too big a bag I will find a way to fill it with unnecessary crap so i’m  not looking at anything too big and it must have an inside zip as otherwise i’ll definitely lost stuff, i’m stupid like that.

ANYWAY, here’s a few of my faves from what i’ve seen online so far.

ASOS Washed canvas pocket detail webbing strap bag (phew!)
River Island yellow satchel bag
Topshop taupe suede slouch satchel
Modalu leather Kensington satchel bag
Zara double handle city bag
Topshop top handle leather bag
At the moment I think the ASOS canvas bag is winning, for it’s simplicity and functionality, but I love the colour of the above Topshop bag. Hmmm….decisions, decisions…

Topshop Rings

I tried to think of a crap pun for the title, but I couldn’t come up with one that wasn’t terribly obvious. Obvious isn’t always good.
Anyway, i’ll get to the point. Recently I was lured into Topshop with the bright pink words ‘FLASH SALE’ in the window.  After a quick root through the racks and few buys in the bag I headed towards the jewellery section. Usually I need to be restrained and have a good friend on hand to slap me across the face and cop me on. I’m like a magpie. I see something shiny and it must be mine. A Topshop/Freedom jewellery sale is dangerous territory for me. I went through a bracelet and bangle phase, then a long necklace phase and now…i’m at my ring phase. I only have 8 fingers & 2 thumbs, how could I NEED so many rings? I have chunky, I have thing, I have gold, I have silver, I have wooden. I have rings from Croatia, London and New York. And I love them all and need to buy more, more, MORE.
I particularly like Topshop’s jewellery because it tends to not turn any of my body parts green and the pieces look more expensive than they are (though, let’s be honest, with the £ to € ‘exchange’ they still can be pricey for high street pieces, that’s why the sale is so good!).
If i’m going down, you guys are coming with me. Here is a selection of my favourites, though there’s plenty more instore. Go forth and fly my pretty magpie friends!

All images via
The above 2 remind me of the YSL Arty Too rings (the bottom one seen in blue over on Glamorous Glue blog)
(I would prefer this minus the diamantés, I hate diamantés thrown onto everything)

Blazer of Glory

Apologies for the crappy post title. It was either that or ‘Blazer, Blazer, Blazer I made you out of clay’. Ahem. 

Aaaanyway, i’ve been obsessing over blazers recently. I’ve always loved how throwing a blazer on over a dress automatically dresses it up, turning it from day to night, or drab to chic. And with jeans and a top it’s just perfection. 
So, i’ve been looking for the perfect blazer for the upcoming Irish Fashion Awards to finish off my outfit and, in particular, I wanted a drape front or waterfall blazer. The material wasn’t important but I was limiting myself to black or cream/white/peach in colour. I’m still searching for the *perfect* one, but here’s a few i’ve stumbled upon along the way. 
ASOS tailored draped jacket (also available in firebrick & black)
French Connection Mary Lou leather jacket
muubaa Tassel Detail Drape leather jacket from ASOS
M&S Autograph Open Front Drape Jacket
French Connection Holly Jacket
Designers remix drape Jacket from ASOS
Topshop Ivory Drape Tux Blazer
Vila Luxe drape front blazer from House of Fraser
Have you seen any great blazers or jackets out there? Feel free to pass on suggestions, I have a few backups but i’m still looking for *the* one. 
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