I’m seriously loving prints right now. Not the easiest to wear, but I’m determined to get my clash on and join the printed masses soon, using the above pictures as inspiration. What say you: Prints – Yay or Nay?


Do It Like a Dude

It’s not a post about Jessie J, thankfully. Inspired by this post on Boy Meets Fashion, where I fell in love with his studded shoulder jumper, I took a peek on the Topman sale section to see what beauties awaited.

With a bit of imagination and the odd fix here & there (cutting sleeves off shirts, buying a size smaller/bigger, slashing necks on tshirts) you will often find that the men’s section is cheaper than the women’s in various shops.

I often like things oversized and comfy so buying from the men’s section makes sense for me when i’m buying for my tomboy downtime. Here’s a few picks from Topman, maybe you’ll find something you like and chances are there won’t be a woman in the same outfit as you either!

This would be cute with a ribbon or neck-tie.

Do you ever buy from the men’s section or would you be inspired to? Tell me all your secrets!

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Summer In Ireland

Summer In Ireland

Via Lula Magazine Scrapbook

Love this photo, it pretty much personifies summer in Ireland outside of The Pale (non-Irish readers, wiki that). Well, where I grew up anyway.
Also, it seems like the few days of sun that we had earlier in the week might be the warmest it’s going to be for a while, we’re back to frrrrrrrrreezing cold temperatures now.
Yay for cosy knits!


That Shit Cray

I guess everyone has probably seen this by now, but it’s still worth posting. Can you see why?





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Glass of Guinness

Well, it is nearly Paddy’s Day. I got this dress online from She Inside – it is the softest wool and fits beautifully…on my housemate. (damn you, boobs!)

Here she is modelling it for me. Seriously, my photography skills need some brushing up! Be kind to her though eh? You can clearly see she’s trying to run away from me in the last photo! The dress is still available now & is even on sale, delivery time was about 8-9 working days, so hurry and snap it up!

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New Home

I’ve moved!!

In amongst changing names and whatnot, i’ve also made a move to another blog address.


Please pop over and say hi and follow through Bloglovin’ to keep up to date on new posts. There’s some exciting things coming up, including collaborations and some exciting projects.

I won’t be posting on this site anymore so please update your blog readers and blogrolls – thanks so much for your support to date. You’re all pretty awesome.

Cat x

Perfect Sunday

Here’s how I’m hoping today will go. With a little bit of assignment work thrown in (ugh).

(Yes, I love New Girl, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Schmidt is easily the best character. Chut-a-ney.)
All images via (quelle surprise?! Images on a blog via weheart it!)

Charlotte Gainsbourg for Balenciaga

From the fashion vault, yes. Regardless of how old it is it’s still an ad that I love. I’m so intrigued by Charlotte, with Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin for parents, why wouldn’t you be intrigued?

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