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i am wearing clothes

I’m loving collars underneath things at the moment. I always love leopard print and gold anyway. This navy Zara tunic once had delicate chiffon sleeves, but as with a lot of Zara items they soon started to fray, so I lobbed them right off at the shoulder.

I wore this while most of the rest of the country were in flip-flops (don’t get me started) and tank tops. Guys, it’s warm, but it’s not THAT warm.

I don’t think my wardrobe changes much from winter to summer, the addition or subtraction of some opaque tights here, a wooly hat there.

Jeans – Topshop | Tunic – Zara | Blouse – Old Navy | Beaten up boots – flea market, originally Office | Necklace – Topshop | Spike ring – Forever 21


Pour myself a cup of ambition

This is a regular working day outfit for me. I’m currently working a fulltime job with college one evening a week and volunteering for a charity. It’s all go!

As much as I love fashion and am beginning to really get to grips with my style, some days it takes a lot of effort to wear something stylish over something comfortable. But why can’t a work outfit be both? Especially on the long days when I go from work to college.My work wardrobe is quite different from my casual, off-duty wardrobe so I do feel a bit of a chameleon. Here’s a typical work-college outfit.

Pleated pleather skirt – Primark, Blouse – Asos, Sequinned slippers – Asos, Tights – M&S (ALWAYS M&S tights)

You’ll have to excuse the shoddy iphone pictures – the last photo is from ASOS, the painstaking photo-from-behind shot is a bit of a waste of space in fairness!


Glass of Guinness

Well, it is nearly Paddy’s Day. I got this dress online from She Inside – it is the softest wool and fits beautifully…on my housemate. (damn you, boobs!)

Here she is modelling it for me. Seriously, my photography skills need some brushing up! Be kind to her though eh? You can clearly see she’s trying to run away from me in the last photo! The dress is still available now & is even on sale, delivery time was about 8-9 working days, so hurry and snap it up!

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